Amazon is challenging eBay

Amazon, which has been selling electronics for some time now, now extends this branch of business. The company launches a new market called Sell as Individual, which is to compete for auction sites and bulletin boards.

Not everyone can afford to buy new things, so it is so popular to have auction sites and classifieds sites where you can buy a variety of second hand products.

One of the most popular places to get rid of unnecessary stuff is us, eBay auction site and Olx notice board, but soon there will be another soon. The Indian subsidiary of the US Amazon group has launched a new Sell as Individual service in India as part of its pilot program.

The service is currently only available in Bangalore but plans to extend it to other Indian cities as well. The service allows you to sell used items to anyone who has at home some unnecessary items. Amazon is fully involved in the transaction. So it is enough that the owner submits a list of goods that are on sale, and the company employees visit him at home, will receive from him what he wants to sell. They will also pack and deliver products to the buyer.

Internet browser for TVs

Hillcrest Labs has developed a special television web browser called Kylo. The application was created specifically to view web pages on large TVs, and there are many features that make it easier to use, such as on-screen keyboards and customized fonts and icons.

Many people use their computer as a home entertainment center by connecting it to their computers and watching movies or surfing the web. Traditional web browsers do the job perfectly when used on computer monitors, but slightly worse if the monitor is replaced by a TV.

That’s why Hillcrest Labs has developed Kylo, ​​a dedicated web browser, just to browse web pages on large TVs. The application provides a comfortable distance view and additionally has a customizable font, cursor and icon size to maximize the visible surface while eliminating all task bars, buttons, and indicators.

The user has a variety of options, the ability to zoom in and out of the picture, easy selection of selected items, and even a screen keyboard to eliminate the physical keyboard. Of course, if someone is attached to it, can still use it, because the application is compatible with both the keyboard and the mouse.

Kylo browser is fully free.

Twitter must keep user data from Russia in their country

The Russian authorities, like the Chinese, see social networking as another opportunity for surveillance of their citizens. Therefore, the governmental body Roskomnadzor issued a ruling that requires Twitter to keep Russian users of this portal stored in Russia. Thanks to this, the authority will have easier access to these resources.

It can not be denied that social networking sites are an excellent source of information for a user that he is willing to provide. While many countries want to have access to this data, they are hampered by the policies of the portals themselves, which physical servers are usually outside the reach of government agencies.

Such a policy is also Twitter, which very much does not like the Russian government. Roskomnadzor, a state media oversight agency, has therefore demanded from a well-known portal that Russian users should be kept on servers located in Russia.

Alexander Zharov Roskomnadzora explained to the media that the governmental body’s action was to enforce Twitter’s compliance with Russian law. And it is worth adding that in September this year there was introduced a law, which requires that every site collecting data of Russian users, kept them in the country. In case of non-fulfillment of this request, their owners must count on financial penalties, including blocking access to the site.