Predict the winner of the Mars race

In a few years NASA wants to send a manned mission to Mars. The US space agency is not the only company to have such a plan, so bookmakers from Las Vegas have decided to accept bets on the first person to deliver a man to the surface of the Red Planet.

In the United States, you can assume almost everything, including who will become president. So it is not a big surprise that bookmakers from Las Vegas, the world’s capital of gambling, have begun accepting bets on the expedition to Mars. Anyone willing to bet on one of the few candidates and make good money on it, as long as his chosen one can get there first.

The biggest chance for victory in this race is SpaceX consortium, whose bets are 5 to 1. The height of the win after placing on NASA is in turn 80 to 1, because the bookmakers believe that the private SpaceX consortium, whose president is himself Elon Musk, has motivations and money that others lack. NASA may have the expertise and expertise to perform such missions, but money plays an important role here, and the agency has significantly cut budgets recently.

You can also assume that Europe or China will send the first man to the Red Planet. Bets here are 100 to 1 and 300 to 1 respectively. The best chance is Russia, which is 60 to 1.

Interestingly, the bookmakers also believe that the Mars One initiative, one of the most controversial and questionable projects, is more likely to be successful than NASA because the bets in this case are 15 to 1.