Indiegogo defends himself against cheaters

Crowfunding platforms are increasingly being used by all sorts of scammers who are disappearing with customers’ money. Indiegogo has therefore decided to make changes to its regulations, which aim to reduce the risk of fraud.

Where there are big money, there are also cheaters there who try to trick them with various tricks. More and more people are being targeted by people supporting projects on crowfunding platforms. In spite of the many protections, criminals are able to trick people into paying for non-existent projects and then disappear with accumulated funds.

Indiegogo, which increasingly has to deal with such cases, decided once again to make changes to the rules, hoping to limit such actions.

The changes are quite substantial and they introduce a lot of new responsibilities for the authors of the projects. At this time, the creator of the campaign must have the same place of residence, either in the same place or at the premises where the new equipment is being developed. He also needs to update his progress information much more frequently and will not be able to start a new campaign if the previous one has not finished yet.

In addition to these changes, Indiegogo also announces cooperation with outside companies if it turns out that the campaign owner did not provide the customer with the promised product and ran out of money. This will make it easier for him to be held accountable.