Internet Things can be used for surveillance

US intelligence chief James Clapper, in a hearing before the US Senate, said that devices belonging to the Internet Thief category (IoT) could pose a threat to users. Intelligence agencies are in a position to use them for surveillance of people.

More and more equipment belonging to the so-called. Things that are devices that have wireless connectivity to communicate with the Internet. One might think that such devices have the same benefits, since a communications system integrated with smart circuitry can be very helpful, allowing remote monitoring of a sleeping baby or controlling energy consumption or home lighting.

The truth is that such equipment can also pose a threat, allowing surveillance of people who use it. This was confirmed by US intelligence chief James Clapper during a Senate hearing. In his opinion, this type of device can be used by intelligence agencies used for eavesdropping, tracking, surveillance and even search for targets for recruitment. Although he did not name any agency that could use such methods during his work, he clearly made clear that this was all about, of course, after the information revealed by Snowden is not a big surprise.