Amazon is challenging eBay

Amazon, which has been selling electronics for some time now, now extends this branch of business. The company launches a new market called Sell as Individual, which is to compete for auction sites and bulletin boards.

Not everyone can afford to buy new things, so it is so popular to have auction sites and classifieds sites where you can buy a variety of second hand products.

One of the most popular places to get rid of unnecessary stuff is us, eBay auction site and Olx notice board, but soon there will be another soon. The Indian subsidiary of the US Amazon group has launched a new Sell as Individual service in India as part of its pilot program.

The service is currently only available in Bangalore but plans to extend it to other Indian cities as well. The service allows you to sell used items to anyone who has at home some unnecessary items. Amazon is fully involved in the transaction. So it is enough that the owner submits a list of goods that are on sale, and the company employees visit him at home, will receive from him what he wants to sell. They will also pack and deliver products to the buyer.