A new way of detecting the flu

Professor Perena Goum of the University of Texas, has developed an innovative disease detection tool. The device works like a breathalyzer, but instead of percentages, it detects viruses.

Winter is a period of increased influenza illness. In such cases it is especially important to quickly detect the disease, because it can have very different symptoms and it is not always immediately clear what is going on. In the near future, in such cases we will be able to help with the latest technology developed at the Faculty of Materials Science at the University of Texas.

Perena Gouma, a professor working there, has developed a breath analyzer that is designed to detect pathogenic viruses. The device works similarly to the breathalyzer, detecting the influenza virus.

The device uses relatively inexpensive sensors that detect specific disease markers in a patient’s breath.

It is also quite inexpensive in production, and at the same time quite effective, so soon it can become the basic equipment of every doctor’s office.